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Bustles’ platform has been conceptualised and built on tackling the key pain points that business experience when sending or picking up freight. It also has a long-term focus on sustainable transport solutions and sees the development of tech-based systems critical in supporting the industry challenges that lay ahead.

- Road freight equates to 200btkm in Australia and expected to triple over the next 30 years to become 600btkm by 2050.

- The average age of drivers is nearly 50 years with a lack of new blood joining the industry.

- Out of 500,000 registered trucks on the road in Australia, 70% are owned by small to medium business.


If you combine those 3 factors it means we need to work out ways of putting more freight on less vehicles and utilise the owner operated network more effectively.

The executive team at Bustle has a long-standing history in road freight and will bring unprecedented control and cost savings to our industry with an overall focus of road safety.

It’s time to remove the smoke and mirrors of transport and simplify business ability to manage their work activity.

Whether you are a business sending freight or a driver looking to collect freight Bustle will provide you free technology and tools for your business to help you remain current and compliant in your relevant market.




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