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Bustle – Keeping it Local

  • Bustle – Keeping it Local

    Bustle – Keeping it Local

    Jennifer Castro

    In recent years there has been a shift in consumer buying patterns from using big retailers and suppliers to wanting to support local business. This is just one of the foundations that Bustle has been built on. Here are some of the key reasons why using Bustle supports our local businesses.

    • Improving our local economy – When consumers purchase from local businesses, the majority of that money will stay within the local community. When local community businesses join forces, they can create incentive programs as well as support and engage in cross promotion with each other. This creates personalised relationships where people are invested in each other’s success. Buying local means your money is going directly to owner operators.
    • Good for our environment – By better utilising vehicles already on our roads, Bustle is improving vehicle efficiencies as well as having the added benefit of reducing the other supporting resources i.e. buildings, paper systems etc. By supporting local business you are also reducing the distance freight has to travel in order to get to its final destination, which is better for our environment.
    • Better customer service – When dealing with larger companies it can be difficult to get answers, as well as finding someone who genuinely cares about your transaction. When dealing with small businesses, they are directly involved in making sure you have the best customer service experience possible. It also helps to personalise the experience between businesses and consumers.
    • Simplicity – Instead of involving additional people and layers in your transactions, small business focuses on simplicity. Bustle connects A (Business Owner) directly to B (Owner Drivers) giving you an easier and simpler transaction.
    • Increased quality and control – The majority of small business owners are very passionate and knowledgeable experts in their field meaning they will be able to answer questions or provide innovative solutions for their customers. Their services are generally of a higher quality as their brand and business reputation is on the line, so this is another key benefit to supporting local.

    By supporting local businesses like Bustle, we are able to keep more dollars in local communities as well as provide a higher level of customer service.

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