FAQ - Bustle Supply & Freight App



Some of the common questions answered


Bustle may not be for you. After years of managing P&L’s we know that even with 30+ day payments, companies still struggle to balance their monthly figures. Someone forgets to submit a run sheet, invoice or a provided invoice doesn’t match what you were quoted/budgeted for. To take advantage of the premium service the Bustle platform offers where you control your supply, have a clean invoice system, know how much you are spending and receive significant cost savings, the payment needs to occur upon acceptance of bids.

Have you ever purchased something where you don’t have to pay upfront – Guess what, there’s a cost or slow bleed built in to paying later. Go and buy anything from a supplier and talk about upfront payment here and now… you know it costs less! Bustle’s platform gives you live market pricing, which is where you save. Grab an invoice from a job you have paid for previously, lodge a similar job and compare apples for apples.

The way we see it, you need to have confidence in the system, so what does a 1-star rating provide you? Does your current provider ring you to find out why your experience was poor or do you have to ring them whilst you’re still seething at the driver that’s just turned up in board shorts and a singlet to your full PPE site? We will. From this call we will determine if this is a supplier who should remain within the Bustle community so that your next experience is 5 star.

Not only does Bustle offer you the ability to reduce spend, it offers you the opportunity to generate revenue. If you are a business that wants to use the system to both send and transport freight, that is what it’s here for. The master user function allows a central controller to manage your total supply operation and have multiple users set up.

Bustle is changing the way we do things and re-work is unacceptable in our model. Pending your operation and its requirements Bustle is open to working with companies to help automate your processes by data uploads or IT integration.


The platform will enable a variation mode where, upon discretion, it can enable sender and receiver to modify job and agree to new terms and conditions. In the instance an agreement cannot be made, funds can be held and a percentage released to you if the customer is found to be incorrect.

When your bid is accepted the customer is charged and it is staged in a holding account until completion of service. When delivered and a POD is provided via sign on screen, the customer is notified to rate service at which point payment is released.

All bidding is blind to other service providers, only the customer can review the bids. This is to ensure people offer their price based on their ability to provide a service. Remember it won’t always be the cheapest bid that wins, it will be the bid that best fits a customer’s needs and backed by a strong service rating.


Your profile will outline your specific experiences to help customers identify that you hold the relevant knowledge they are chasing. Further to that, reviews and ratings will show your main point of difference. The better your rating and service relative to the price of service will help the customers choose.

In this day and age, you need to look after number one so if you and your customer find a relationship that works outside our platform then we are happy to have connected you. The functionality of the app will help you run your business with invoice templates and business activity statements so if this is something important to you as you don’t like paperwork, it is a lot cleaner to use the app.

You could be missing the opportunity to grow or change your business model to improve existing margins. Examples could be if you are a diesel mechanic with several staff, vehicles and a workshop you could be operating for more hours with same fixed overheads just changes to labour. Bustle isn’t for everyone, it is there to help create revenue for those who don’t have relationships set or to subsidise existing earnings.


Bustle only acts as a conduit to help parties within the supply chain industry find each other and bring transparency to their freight movements. Each business user is required to complete its own Chain of Responsibility practices, in line with industry standards relevant to their state of operation. If your business requires specific licences, insurances, accreditation or inductions before they can enter a contract to do work, you must check the relevant bidders profile credentials.

Something unique to the industry is Bustle’s lockout system - once someone has been blocked they cannot re-enter. It is not a rare occurrence in the transport industry for individuals to pop up at different businesses where they were removed from previous companies on the basis that they were a risk. Other than calling a reference to check that driver, how do we stop this person from operating in the industry? With a rating system that aims to police and regulate the Bustle community, your feedback helps remove those risks from our system and our management to liaise with governing bodies to provide information to address these risks.

If we want to answer this simply – nothing, we are the same for all but one key difference. There are no coordinators or physical dwellings in the middle controlling the supply and demand. Bustle simply creates a platform for connection with no setting of prices or service delivery terms.