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How to Bustle – 7 tips for drivers

  • How to Bustle – 7 tips for drivers

    How to Bustle – 7 tips for drivers

    Michael Holden

    This is a new way of working and like all new things, they are scary! Here’s some of our tips that you will find helpful when bidding on and completing jobs through Bustle.

    • Safety – Always carry sufficient drinking water and food for the day(s) ahead. Make sure your food is balanced and fresh so you can avoid those fast food urges! Use hands free when on the roads to ensure eyes and mind are on the task at hand.
    • PPE – Make sure that your vehicle holds all of the relevant personal protective equipment needed to carry out each day on the job safely. Enclosed footwear/boots, hi vis vests, hard hat, safety glasses and access to long sleeve/legged clothing.
    • Site Rules – When arriving at a pick up or delivery point, be sure to check their site rules or PPE requirements. If you are unfamiliar, use the contacts on your job details screen to make enquiries. Check for pick up/drop off signage as most take place in a specific part of their site.
    • Bidding – Not all customers check their bids screen regularly. If you have placed a bid, make sure you have given them enough of a window to see and accept it. Obviously the time you place on it has to match your movements, but consider that the customer may miss your bid if the expiry time frame is too short
    • Dates & Times – Double check all of the job collection & delivery windows. Just because someone has posted a job, doesn’t mean it is ready to go. This can also help your bidding as you can see that you have longer to collect/deliver to match it in with other jobs and plan an efficient route.
    • Filters – Check the filter on find job screens and set them to your vehicles parameters. I.e. Courier cars may only want cartons below a certain size where as a rigid will be looking for a mixture of item sizes.
    • No one’s home – If no one is there when you try to deliver, ensure you call the delivery contact’s number to confirm what they would like done. If they don’t answer leave a message, take a quick photo of where it was left and then send it through. Calling ahead = better chance of getting directions from end customer

    We hope these tips help and remember that if you have any questions we are here to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible or talk to us 0418 135 310

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