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Why we do what we do?

  • Why we do what we do?

    Why we do what we do?

    Jennifer Castro

    Bustle was created with a vision to be Australia’s leading live online marketplace for transport, support services (mechanics & tyre fitters) and independent labour.

    Using our industry experience Bustle has solved these frustrations by making supply chain uncomplicated and straight to the point by adding technology to the traditional contractor model.

    So, bottom line, why are we doing this?

    • Giving work to local small businesses – The market is dominated by big transport companies which means small subbies rely on them for work opportunities. Bustle helps keep the smaller operations in business by giving them direct access to work which they are paid for up to 7 times faster than normal sub-contractor scenarios.
    • Helping independent contractors find work – Forbes magazine indicates shifts towards 60-80% full time employees with 20-40% short term/specialist contract labour. Bustle wants to give those with relevant credentials, direct access to short term work opportunities as well as allow business to scale in line with their businesses requirements.
    • Less vehicles on the road = less emissions and shorter turnaround times – By utilising the vehicles already on the road network, Bustle wants to reduce emissions as well as traffic in the area. Finding a driver that’s already in your area will also mean faster and more efficient pick-up and delivery time
    • Keeping profits in small business & local economies – By using Bustle you are supporting small owner operator businesses and giving them the ability to spend their earnings back in their relevant areas. With large business, it’s harder to determine where their profits go.
    • Making it easier than ever to send freight – Lack of transparency, communication and clarity around charging are noted as the main issues people have with their current transport providers. When using Bustle, you don’t need to worry – direct contact with your drive, timestamped jobs and signatures matched to your invoice all available via your desktop or smartphone.
    • To help SME save time & money – All businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money and work smarter, not harder. By pooling drivers and matching them to suppliers the aim is to bring bulk purchasing power to these small businesses and getting them the best value for money on things like tyres.
    • To offer people a less complicated transport solution – We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for quotes from multiple transport companies as well as additional fees that pop up on invoices. With our easy to use booking system to you can receive multiple quotes back from one easy and convenient place as well as having the final price up front, no hidden fees to surprise you down the track.
    • To build a Supply Chain community – Overall, our aim is to build a self-sufficient community made up of customers, drivers, support services & independents. We want to be a one-stop shop that everyone in the supply chain can use and benefit from. Whether it’s getting a parcel moved, getting your tyres changed or being able to hire someone for a fixed term contract we want to be able to provide an easy solution for your business.

    Join the 263 customers and 165 sub-contractors who are finding direct transport opportunities on our platform. Connecting you directly is seeing our customers saving 15-30% on their transport requirements without sacrificing safety or quality.

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