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Why You Should Try Bustle

  • Why You Should Try Bustle

    Why You Should Try Bustle

    Jennifer Castro

    In the last few months, you may have seen our name pop up or a fellow business owner mention us. Whilst we understand that change can seem difficult or put in the “too hard” basket, we think you should know what Bustle is about and why we could be great news for your business.

    • Value – With a combined 40 years working in various aspects of the transport industry, we know how the market works and what frustrates consumers. We also have a lot of experience in dealing with these issues and offering the best solution for you and your business needs. We have built this platform to make it easier for you, saving your time and your money.
    • We are open 24/7 – Ever tried to move something outside ‘office hours’? Although many transport companies realise that transport never stops, their customer service team only operates during office hours. We understand that there are people who need things delivered after hours or on the weekend. Our platform allows you direct access & customer service 24/7.
    • Transparency – All of our consignments are tracked live and you can even talk to the driver to get updates along the way. No more waiting on the phone or waiting for someone to get back to you. Let your customers both internally and externally know what is happening.
    • User pays – Lodging a job on our platform will receive bids from service providers who would like to complete the work for you within your parameters. If you like an offer accept it, if you don’t cancel the job at no cost. For this reason, the platform can also be used as a quoting tool to test your prices against the wider market.
    • You are in control – When booking in a job, you are setting your own pickup and delivery windows as well as selecting the profile of the driver you would like. This empowers you to personalise your freight requirements based on your individual business needs.
    • Environmentally conscious – By utilising vehicles that are already on the road & in our network, we are cutting emissions and filling up those empty spaces in their vehicles. Long term Bustle’s goal is to ensure that just because freight volumes are set to double, doesn’t mean we necessarily need vehicles to double.
    • Supporting local economies – As a small business, we are all about helping other small businesses. By using the platform, you are getting connected to other small business owners and keeping your dollars local. Using a service provider through Bustle means you know where your money is going.
    • Convenience – We have created both a desktop and app version of our platform to make it easy and accessible for everyone. You can book in under a minute, at a time that suites you. No more waiting on the phone to speak to someone or realising you have forgotten to book something in and it’s past 5pm.

    If you feel you aren’t being treated like you should by your current transport provider, we want to know why. Let us know the current issues you are experiencing and we can help. If there are barriers as to why you haven’t used the platform, let us know, as it may be something we can work on. What have you got to lose? #bustleit

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